Victor Marsh

Marshland Productions LLC

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Phone: 608-205-8118


Artist Statement

My photography is driven by my desire to capture the beauty and flavor of the things I am passionate about. I come from a family of restaurateurs and I love to cook. One of the things that became clear to me early on was that you begin the enjoyment of things such as food first with your eyes. One of the subjects that I enjoy shooting is that of food related items.


I want to convey to my audience the anticipation of flavor through luscious images. The farmers market has been a special venue where the freshness of the produce at the peak of its season becomes an excellent subject for my photography. I utilize High Dynamic Range photographic techniques to capture all of the stimulating visuals we see with our eyes that never quite make it into prints with standard photography. I find that HDR photography captures the images that linger in our mind.


I also enjoy traveling to exciting and visually interesting locations and much like food, these locations become great subjects to try and capture.


I strive to create that hunger in the mind of the viewer to want see, visit and experience and taste more of the subjects of my photography.


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