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Artist Statement

I have always felt the need to create using color and design, but never really thought I would be recognized as a jewelry artist.  It is very addicting to make jewelry that people want from the tiny little beads I like to use.

I perfect my technique by watching videos, reading patterns and just trying new things with the beads I have at my work station.

I like to do bead weaving with seed beads, a needle, Fireline, and crystals. My jewelry projects are usually elaborate with many beads. I may also use reproductions of watercolors which I have painted in my designs.

I work in a nursing home in Activities and live on a farm. At the nursing home residents have also gotten involved with jewelry making because I wear what I make.  This sparked their interest in jewelry.

I am thrilled when people around me enjoy and appreciate my work.  I like to share the color and sparkle.