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Sandra Haspl has been painting since she was a child. She delved into pastel, oil and water color, but became interested in porcelain painting because of the luminosity.

The art of painting on porcelain “canvases” has been a fine art in Asia and Europe for centuries.

The combination of oil, mineral paints and high heat, vitrify the colors on the porcelain using a centuries old process. The colors must be painted in layers and fired in a kiln at 1350 to 1400º F over and over again to achieve the precise depth of color.

Most of her work involves portraits of people, animals and nature. Involvement in the art of porcelain painting has been the key for her to open the door to the intricacies of design, hues and moods of nature.

Sandra is in the collections of the U.W. Madison Hospital, U.W. University Madison, Epic, and in many corporations and private homes throughout the Midwest.

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