Mark G. Dilley

Paoli Mill Park Gallery

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Telephone: 608-577-4799

Artist Statement

Mark and Bonnie have had a personal and artistic partnership for over fifteen years.  Art literally brought Mark and Bonnie together as Mark’s paintings on his profile were a big factor on Bonnie choosing to contact Mark.  The rest as they say is history.

Bonnie, who now runs her own psychotherapy practice, says:  “jewelry is my therapy.” She has done silver and bead work since her teens.  She enjoys incorporating semi-precious stones and silver into wearable art with natural and vintage motifs. Bonnie uses a variety of techniques from traditional wax casting and torch work to more contemporary means of creation including precious metal clay and wire wrapping. The incorporation of stones worked by Mark has provided a special bond between them.

Mark has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember.  While some children abandon their dreams of dragons and dinosaurs early in their childhood Mark never has. While Mark enjoys painting landscapes and wildlife using his own photography he will point to his paleo and fantasy art and note how unlikely it is for a person with a DSLR to “paint” a similar picture. Painting in acrylics remains one of Mark’s primary means of artistic expression but he is always keen to try new media. In his recent explorations of metal sculpture he fulfilled a childhood dream of making a dinosaur as big as he is. Over the past year Mark has completed several complex stained glass mosaics in old windows and is currently renovating space to explore this media.