Kathy Warczak

Inspirations By Kathy

Contact Information

Email: warczakkathy@gmail.com

Website: InspirationsByKathyW
Facebook: Inspirations-By-Kathy

Telephone: 608-592-7085

Artist Statement

I have always been drawn to the dimension, texture, and rich vibrancy that the glass medium can offer. While I am primarily a mosaic artist, I have dabbled with stained glass in the past, and just recently, I have been introduced to fused glass.

My inspirations can come from just about anything. When I come across something that catches my eye, I try to figure out exactly what it is about it that has captured my attention…whether it’s the pattern, texture, color combination, or movement. Once I have figured out what has drawn me, I then try to envision a design concept in my mind’s eye. If I feel a surge of excitement come over me, then I know it’s  time for me to attempt to translate what I see into reality. Sometimes I prove successful and sometimes not. But no matter what, I have found that with just about every piece I make, I continue to learn and grow my talent. This is what fuels my drive to continue working in the glass medium.

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