Karen Nell McKean

The Dream Studio

Contact Information

Email: karendreamrider@gmail.com

Website: thedreamstudio.org

Artist Statement

My two-dimensional medium is oil paint. The beauty of nature provides the inspiration for my paintings, thus my work tends to be representational. My interests, styles, and abilities are rather wide ranging from impressionistic to almost photo realism. I have recently been exploring magic realism with great enthusiasm. As a teacher of dream work, the appeal of painting images arising from dreams is irresistible. I also like to paint landscapes, animals, horses and animal and human portraits. My paintings feature qualities of brightness and light effects. I have often been called a colorist. I like art that pays homage to beauty and is executed with skill. I hope my art makes people smile, feel uplifted and inspired. For me, making art is an expression of my soul and it communicates my awe of the exquisiteness of the creation.
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