Jillian Cori Lippert

A Touch of Glass

Contact Information

Email: jilliansatouchofglass@yahoo.com

Website: http://jilliansjazz.com/


Telephone: 608-220-3357

Artist Statement

I am a glass artist, working with both mosaics and fused glass. I incorporate hand cut glass into all my creations. I now primarily work in mosaics. In addition to glass, I often use found or recycled items such as ceramics, dice, jewelry or a variety of other objects when creating mosaics. I love to add three dimensional elements or create an entirely 3 dimensional piece. I especially like to bring a feeling of depth and/or motion to my pieces. Since so many of my creations are ‘upcycled’, most cannot be duplicated and the items I carry are constantly changing. All of the glass tesserae used in my mosaics are placed by hand and depending on the size of the project, can number in the thousands.