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I have enjoyed travel, gardening, and photography for many years.  When I retired from work as a computer software developer, I decided to work on my photography skills. I took a class in matting and framing, took some photography workshops, got a new camera, and got clicking.

Since my retirement, I have traveled to Italy, Ireland. England, France, Canada, Morocco, Turkey, Cuba and our Southwest.  I have been active with the Center for Photography in Madison, and 14 South Artists and have increased my skills through that experience. For four years, I attended the UW School of the Arts in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, taking classes emphasizing digital photography.  I now use digital cameras, and no longer use film.  I have been selling my matted and framed photos, and blank note cards with my photos, at art fairs since 2002.   Recently, I have been selling photos printed on aluminum.

My work often captures nature, close-up and landscape. Though I do many flower pictures, my interests are varied. Some of my topics are barns, elderly buildings, New Mexico scenes, fall color, cemetery sculptures, critters, street markets, and travel.  My camera records what attracts my eye, especially bright colors, as I travel through life so that I can share some of life’s joy and beauty.

What’s a bolthole? It’s a term, common in England, meaning “refuge or hideaway.” I borrowed the name from a bed and breakfast in Glastonbury, England. It is what I once called my home in the country, so this is just my way of saying “my pictures.”

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