Artist Members

Here is a list of our Artist Members and information about their business.
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Dan Bassett

Roger and Jackie Becker

Laurie Benzine

Christina Bray

Bill Buchanan

Jillian Cori Lippert

Mark G Dilley

Mary Cuff

Carolyn Dargevics

Mary Doers

Diane Dohm

Richard Dornaus

Shirley Duerst

Michael Engelberger

Allison Epp

Tim Erickson

Kathy Esch

Chad Grob

Audrey Handler

Sandra Haspl

Robert Igl

Kippian Inglis

Marsha Kelly

Ann Kleckner

Sherry Klinkner

Chris Knowles

Tom Kuchenbecker

Paul Lawrence

Susan Liimatta

Karen Loper

Susan Lutter

Bernie Lynch

Linda Markwardt

Victor Marsh

Bob Martin

Karen Nell McKean

Sue Merritt

Linda Miess

Suzanne Miller and Nikki Cooper

Paul Morrison

Margit Moses

Laurie Mosher

Thomas Petersen

Julie Raasch

Becky Schmidt

Hal Shaw

Scott Simmons

Mary Somers

Ralph Stromquist

Connie Thompson

Kathy Warczak

Eleanor White

Betsy Zahn


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  • Images used by artists are done so with their expressed permission.  Images with other encumbrances or other material will be removed.
  • 14 South Artists is not responsible for the content of web pages outside of its control.